April Dawn Algien


Father: Benjamin Gerald (Gary) Algien


Mother: Linda Joline McNeley


Ex-husband: Bradly Ivan Lewis, Sr.


Son: Christopher Michael Lewis


Daughter: Elisse Nichole Headrick


Sister: Shannon Joy Algien


April Dawn Algien was born in 1964 in Rifle, Colorado to parents Benjamin Gerald (Gary) Algien and Linda Joline McNeley.


Early in her childhood she, her parents and her younger sister, Shannon Joy Algien, lived in many places such as Grand Junction and Moab, Utah, then moved to the Denver area where she went to school.


Her parents divorced when she was a young teenager, and she then started to spend every summer with her paternal grandmother, Josephine, Josie or Jo as so many people called her, in Idaho Springs, Colorado.


She met her future husband, Bradly Ivan Lewis, at the swimming pool in Idaho Springs.


In May of 1982, she graduated high school in Westminster, Colorado.


Throughout the years, she had two wonderful children, Christopher, who has cerebral palsy; and Elisse, who is now a high school biology teacher.


After graduating college with a Bachelor Degree in Communications, April decided to move her children to Idaho Springs to be with her grandmother Jo.


In 2004, she married her childhood sweetheart, Brad. They lived in Dumont until they separated for a short period. 


She then moved to Yuma, Colorado after her daughter graduated high school. Her father, Gary, and her sister, Shannon, were all making new lives for themselves, so April decided that she would join them. She then decided to move back to Idaho Springs. In 2011, she moved to Springfield, MO and divorced Brad in 2012.